Cambio Services

CSK Internet & Small Loans Ltd is a licensed cambio authorized by the Bank of Jamaica to buy and sell foreign currency. We trade Five (5) major currencies; United States Dollars, Canadian Dollars, British Pound, Euro and Cayman Dollars. Our rates are competitive and we are also willing to negotiate the rate at which we trade with you provided the amount is of a significant quantity.



Currency Cash Cash
USD 127.45 137.55
GBP 156.80 168.55
CAD 94.70 103.55
EUR 138.60 150.65
KYD 138.15 150.05
The above foreign exchange rates are subject to change without notice, based on th4e availability of the funds and changes in the Foreign Exchange market.

Other Services

CSK through its Bank of Jamaica licensed cambio also offers:

CSK offers the international remittance service, MoneyGram. MoneyGram has over 350,000 agents worldwide. You can visit CSK and send or receive money anywhere in the world in minutes using our MoneyGram service.



JN Money Transfer
JN Money Transfer is a global brand that maintains a high standard of service. JN Money Transfer has over 8,000 branch and agent locations across the world operating in countries such as the United Kingdom, Canada, United States, the Phillipines, Ghana, Barbados and other Caribbean nations.



Quik EZ Bill Payment (Only $25.00 per Bill)
CSK affords you a cost effective and convenient way of paying the following bills:
1. Jamaica Public Service (JPS)
4. National Water Commission (NWC)
5. Digicel
6. King Alarm
8. Sagicor
9. Lasco Loans



You can top up your phone credit at CSK.


Please contact our Cambio representatives at (876) 960-9507, 920-9099 for further details. Thank You.

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