Our Commitment!

1. We commit to providing quick, efficient service in a clean comfortable and safe environment with pleasant and professional staff.

2. We commit to being fair and transparent in all our dealings with you.

3. We commit to approving and disbursing or declining loans within two (2) days once all documentation is received and site visit is done.

4. We commit to giving you competitive rates for your foreign currency transactions.

5. We commit to processing your remittance transactions in a quick and efficient manner.

6. We commit to processing your bill payments in a quick, efficient and cost effective manner.

7. We commit to processing all of your transactions in a manner that meets all regulatory requirements.

8. We commit to resolving any issue which may arise in the course of your doing business with us in a quick, fair and efficient manner.

9. We commit to constantly improve our service and product offering.



As our customer we value highly your business and therefore we welcome all feedback. Your questions, complaints and compliments should be sent to us by email: customerservicecsk@gmail.com.

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